Thursday, September 19, 2013

Do you clean toys too, or am I crazy?

I will preface the following by saying that here in our house we just got over a bad cold. (We think we got it when we dropped off our registration forms at our day care center - before we were even officially enrolled...ut-oh here we go!)

So after the crib sheets were changed, the bottles and pacifiers sanitized, the blankets and clothing laundered, the high chair cover in the wash, the bathroom cleaned...I turned to the toy box.

And the last half of my evening was spent washing Caleb's toys with soap and boiled water.

Pre-child- like less than 1 year ago -  I never thought toy washing was even...a thing.

I don't remember my own mother (of 5) ever doing it.

And if a mother ever told me she did it, I would probably think she was a crazy germ-o-phobe. (Okay, maybe some of you are thinking that about me...and who knows maybe I am?! But I promise you this cleaning-everything-my child touches thing doesn't happen often.)

Anyway, now my kitchen counter looks like this:

9_18 (1)  

Why do I spend my evenings this way?

Because my child puts everything in his mouth, and then he throws it on the kitchen floor, which I haven't had the chance to mop in days, then he brings it outside while we water the garden together and he puts it in the flower pot full of dirt, and then after all that, he decides to put it in his mouth again - while he eats his dinner.

So, do other moms do this? Or am I insane?

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  1. You might be a little crazy, yes... but what new parent isn't?
    It just manifests in different ways. ;)

  2. Nah not crazy at all! I do the same things! I have become a crazed-handwash-a-holic. My husband drives me nuts because he thinks hand sanitizer = washing hands! Grrr.... I actually have cleaner specifically for toy and high chair cleaning :-)


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