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I am a working mom (meaning I have photos of my child all over my cubicle!) I work for a big non-profit organization, writing prayers and posting on Facebook (seriously). I agree with the mission of the place whole-heartedly, and that is such a blessing to me!

Sometimes I  need to go up to roof of the skyscraper I work in and feel the wind blow through my hair to remind myself that I am not an email-checking machine, but in fact, a creature of the earth. (I'm not sure if this is because I worked in the environmental field for too long before entering cubicle land, or if other people have to do this too in order to stay sane and unmedicated?)

Me back when I worked outdoors. Sorry you can't really see me here.
I tried to find a more recent photo (one where I wasn't seemingly 
in disguise, wearing a hat and sunglasses..)
but I couldn't find any that didn't have me wearing 
pajamas or a child attached to me.

I live in a row home in Baltimore - a pretty big city, but am a nature girl at heart. (I once lived on a National Wildlife Refuge and ate wild mushrooms.)

Now that I know how to parallel park (okay, I mean, now that I have a car with a back-up camera), and now that I have the potted plant thing down (meaning 1 out of 3 tomato plants survived this summer), I can deal.

Answers to all why questions re: things I post on this blog are likely rooted in:

My Catholic faith.

My travels to the developing world.

My year of volunteering to haul other people's trash out of a river in Oregon.

My parents making me get a job when I was 14 and forever thereafter.

My love of and belief in creating things - tree paintings, dog posters for my kid, my own bread - because it is inherent in our humanity and allows us to connect with a Higher Power, our own Creator - God! Plus how often are you able to use your hands these days for anything besides typing?

Important People:  


A part-time stay-at-home-dad to our son, a full-time Ph. D. Aerospace Engineering student. Lover of all things Baltimore. Avid sports fan. Homebrewer. Our household's "IT guy" and often, chef, carpenter, and more TBA day by day. Singer. Laid back. A pacifist beyond reason. Humble.  Imaginative. Unconditionally kind. Never gives up.

One day I'll write up about the day we met and all that.

My son. I know everyone says it, but I'm going to: I love him more than I realized I could ever love another human being.

We are striving for a life of love - and happiness in simplicity. I hope our journey makes you laugh and that you'll join us with tea/coffee in hand!

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