Friday, September 27, 2013

7 QT's for a Cute-E

Here's this week's QT's - thanks again to Jen at Conversion Diary for this great idea to get my posts to be short and sweet (although we're still not quite there yet..)

This week, QT apparently stands for "CUTE-EE". I spent a lot of time with Caleb this week (yay for 2 days off!) so here ya go!

Once upon a time, James and I cooked meals together -  that is at the same time, making the same meal. But these days, we have to take turns; one of us chases C around - or rests from chasing him around all day. One night this week, we decided to do a throw back and tried to make dinner together: breaded chicken (and without eggs in the breading because we all know eggs are a source of protein in themselves and too expensive to waste on breading! recipe coming soon!)

Cute. But how did we entertain C-man? Especially since our hands were all floury- and-raw-chicken-y? Classic: Moved his high chair into the kitchen and poured a bunch of flour on his tray. Truth: He didn't end up letting me get too involved in the meal and James took the lead and did all the cooking...BUT C stayed in his chair much longer than I expected. Plus now we have these funny photos of him.

I love the Baltimore Aquarium.

We have lived about 1.3 miles from this place for over a year and haven't gone until this week. I took off work on Monday for Caleb's birthday and we brought him here because we thought he would enjoy the fish tanks (he saw one at the zoo a few weeks ago and we had to drag him away!)

Prices have been kicked up a lot since I last remember going (high school) But...there's a rainforest inside! And a dolphin show! (Yeah, like Sea World.) And the entire continent of Australia!

There was a time when I thought of aquariums as merely gigantic fish tanks; that time has ended. I walked into a section of this aquarium and a colorful, tropical bird almost hit me in the head! It was about 100 degrees (I had to strip down to my tank top!) and REAL waterfalls were everywhere. Hello, rainforest! I never expected to find you in an aquarium!

The only down side is you can't bring a stroller and have to put your child in this back pack carrier instead. Since all Caleb wants to do these days was walk, we were constantly taking off the carrier for him to get down and stand up at the fish tanks. But he loved all of it! I can't wait to bring him here year after year and introduce him to all these animals!

Apparently I was also walking around the aquarium with a fuzzy green blanket wrapped around my shoulders:

I know many of you may not be reading this to hear me rant...but I have to let you know that we paid $395 for Caleb to go to day care for one day this week. That's just plain silly. (Even if you send your kid part-time, you're charged the full-time rate.) I am starting to feel like we are literally taking our money and throwing it out of the window.
Why aren't there more options for part-time care for infants? What do other people do? Are we the only ones in this situation?
That's it. Done ranting.


I grew up in a meat-and-potato household; my tolerance for spice is LOW. James has gotten my tolerance to go up just a little bit, and so the Mexico taco meat I cooked a few days ago was a happy medium: still on the spicy side for me, but edible.

After C finished his sweet potatoes, bananas and cheerios dinner, I noticed him eying my taco meat. He wanted it so of course I went ahead and gave him a bite. He loved it! So much that he cried when we weren't feeding him constantly.

Another conclusion drawn from featured video: We feed our child like birds; don't judge.

Potential dumb phone
I'm thinking about NOT paying Verizon $1,200 next year for my cell phone service and downgrading to a traditional phone.

The thing is, I never talk on the phone to anyone except Caleb's day care, James and my mom. (You shouldn't be surprised; all of us bloggers are introverts!) And I have a bunch of apps on my phone that I've used maybe once. You'll find me on Facebook, Pinterest, and sometimes, if I remember, Instagram.
You'd probably find me on my blog more often if it didn't require me turning on the dinosaur computer that James built (with his bare hands) IS a well-structured and smart dinosaur that never breaks, just old-school.

So given the problem of dino computer + expensive smart phone, I'm thinking of going the route of non-cell service ipad  (with keypad) that uses WI-FI (we have it here at our house) + basic cell phone. Get it?

Truth: I am nervous that I will fall over in shock if I get rid of iphone that has been attached to me for the past 2.5 years. HELP! Anyone else have experience (or frustration) in this area? Perhaps my biggest concern is losing the Map App!

Uncle Mike rocks. Uncle Mike + Laundry Basket Really Rocks.
Videos say enough. Enjoy!

If you haven't already, read Heather's article: I'm No Theologian.... It made me cry - but in a happy way.


  1. Dude, I have been thinking the same thing about smart plans are SO expensive...and I'm the same way. I use Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram...are those three apps really worth keeping a smart phone? And I'll miss the Maps app too...but that'd give me a good excuse to actually use the GPS that's been sitting in my car unused since I got a smart phone lol PS. I know I've said this before...but your son is seriously adorable

    1. Thanks, Tiffany! I also have a GPS somewhere which I should probably dig up in sync with ditching the smart phone lol.

  2. Hey! found you through Jen. LOVE the Baltimore aquarium, I would totally do a trip all the way there just to go back... and we are talking 2297 miles so, no joke! The Atlanta Aquarium is equally impressive, incase you are ever there!

    1. I've never been to Atlanta but I have heard great things about their aquarium! Now that I know how awesome aquariums are, I'll have to make a point to visit. Thanks for stopping by via Jen. BTW, I really love the name of your blog!


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