Thursday, December 18, 2014

7 Quick Takes: moving away

1. C shared with another child this week. Completely willingly. If you have ever had a 2 year old, you know what a big deal this is. And this child- mychild has entered playground and library storytimes and screamed at that poor kid across the room whose having fun with some object "that is mine!!!" even though he has never  seen the object before. But he wants it and that is that. Never mind sharing his own beloved  toys in his own house. I thought that was just a no go. But after days of prepping him- he shared his favorite cars and balls and trains!!! YES! Without hitting screaming or kicking!  I know I'm totally jinxing this by writing this down, right?

2. More bragging about my kid;
Caleb also used the word "disappear" in a sentence. As in "my belly button disappeared." And it did actually, because he put his shirt back on. ;)


We are taking our last trips to our beloved park this week. And thanks to the warmish weather we had here and there, they were actually tolerable. We will miss this place. I love that he can run free and meet other kids, see squirrels, dogs and find secret places. I won't miss: the openness and lack of fence (as in me carrying the tricycle that he refuses to ride across the muddy field because he is chasing a squirrel. And I can't just let him go run because come on people this is Baltimore city and we have found all sorta of things and people in this park in the middle of the day. Decaying animals shot by b b guns, broken glass, and drunk men sleeping under trees in broad daylight.) In short, I'm sad to leave our park but more excited about our backyard. 

My grandma is an amazing holy woman. She sent this passage from her Magnificat.  And it was perfect because it is so me right now. And always but I'm working on it.


Our house right now. Terrible photo, but yes That's two giant gorillas on top of a tower of boxes. Very King Kong. but Really folks I never want to move again. 

6. Moving this time around got me thinking about The last time we moved- that is , when we first moved in together. I was pregnant then too, but I was 7 months instead of 3. (I dislike moving but strong dislike when pregnant) Highlights included: not being able to find anyplace to live/rent in our chosen local. Maybe our income wasn't high enough? Our credit scores not the best? The area too snooty? Thank goodness- We ended up house sitting for these people I had never met and used their dishes and slept in their bed like it was ours until we found a place. And after months of searching, we decided to cave and move to baltimore city. I don't even think our  landlord asked us for our last name, never mind proof of income. More highlights include: convincing James that we needed a dinner table, needed a couch, and that the second bedroom couldn't stay as the guest bedroom with the air mattress for friends that were too tipsy to drive home, and that it should be the nursery. And there was more convincing of similar things. I'm not going to lie and pretend it was pretty, but we learned a lot about ourselves and each other in those first few months. I know moving in together shouldn't happen until you're married and during those first few months, we definitely figured out why but also made a commitment to put up with one another/love eachother for ever and ever. This time it has to be easier, right?

This week, I discovered a form of entertainment for my son: the construction site. Can't believe I didn't think of this before, as there is constant construction everywhere in this old city. The workers know us by name. Ummm tonka trucks for Christmas? 

Oh and happy Advent is almost over and Christmas is almost here! We are doing that whole celebrate Christmas AFTER Christmas this year- partly because James' RCIA teacher is emphasizing what Advent is really about and partly because heck no I am not setting up a tree twice!! 

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  1. I moved when my oldest son was a week old, again when I was 30 weeks pregnant with my youngest daughter and lastly, when #4 was a month old. It was always so hard to not overexert myself because I needed things JUST SO. Prayers that your move goes slowly and stay away from the heavy boxes!


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